Les Boules : A surrealist junction in Montreal

We undertook, ages ago, to interlace our surrealists activities to face the vanity of the socio-cultural. Little was needed, mostly drawings and paintings, a few collages and assemblages, poems and inscriptions. Not much new technologies to favour a spontaneous momentum, liberated from constraints.


For us, it is the experiment that counts. The encounter of blots and lines, the pleasure of an art made of not much because it is exuberant of visions. To catalyze these encounters, we occasionally dive in collective art, indivisible, where the individual-artist melts into the pack. In a collective drawing or painting, there is no reserved zone, no hidden or limitative space, no specialisation, no direction, no signature. The participant intervention is source of visions for the others and open forms are created waiting for completion. The truly collective artwork wouldn’t support ego.


A tumultuous mix of the rational into the imaginary and of imagination into the rational. Hotchpotch and jumble, generating undetermined meanings. Only surrealist action transforms us, its spectacle is only a taste.


Without further ado, here are a few shots ...

"The Eye", Les Boules, 2004,
graphite and crayon on paper, 8 participants.


"Species stage", Les Boules, 2005,
acrylic on canevas, 7 participants.


"The Atomic beet", Les Boules, 2005,
acrylic on canevas, 7 participants.


"Lampost", Les Boules, 2004,
graphite on paper, 8 participants.


"Corner Stairs", Les Boules, 2005,
acrylic on canevas, 7 participants.


"Drawing", Les Boules, 2006,
pastel on paper, 7 participants.


"The Pirate's Ship", Les Boules, 2004,
acrylic on wood, 50cm X 50cm. 5 participants.


"Fresco", Les Boules + The Recordists + La rotule de l'impie, 2011,
ink on paper.