The landscape invites wandering, viewpoints variations, movements of the gaze. These experiments in drawing seek representation of a succession of points of view, a movement in space rather than space itself. This approach, at the basis of oriental painting on horizontal scrolls, detaches itself from occidental panoramic images in which the artist is placed in the center of the world, representing its environment around a fixed point. Liberated from an egocentric geometry, the movement of the point of view initiates nomadic perspectives. My drawings mix observation and improvisation to build the forms of an imaginary nature, of broken and reconstituted landscapes, of an elongated journey.


The forgotten maze", Jacques Desbiens, 20015-2016,
graphite on paper in a concertina sketchbook, 765cm X 50cm.

"West-North-West, Jacques Desbiens, 2010
Graphite on folded paper, 194.6cm X 41.6cm

"Withdraw", Jacques Desbiens, 2009
Graphite on folded paper, 252cm X 41.7 cm

"Ove", Jacques Desbiens, 2007
Graphite on paper, private collection.

"Underwood", Jacques Desbiens, 2005
Graphite on paper, 73.5cm X 12.2cm

"Landscape", Jacques Desbiens, 2005
Graphite on paper in a concertina sketchbook, 337cm X 25cm

"Broken Landscape", Jacques Desbiens, 2004
Graphite on paper in a concertina sketchbook, 173.4cm X 19cm


See also :

"Branches", 2007, 492cm X 31cm

"Sketchbook of lost time", Jacques Desbiens, 2009-2010

"Birds, insects and dragons", Jacques Desbiens, 2011,

"Sequence - 4 brushes + 2 dip pens", Jacques Desbiens, 2005,


The series "Descending a staircase"